Divorce, once unthinkable, is now a reality.

You never thought you’d be here, coming to the realization that your marriage is at an end. Divorce means a departure from years of living, building, and planning as though your partnership was forever. Now, you’re faced with to quickly adapting to what is going to be an immense change.

Big decisions lie ahead.

Divorce, whether you saw it coming or not, is like a giant rock thrown into the pond of your life. It sends ripples that touch everything – your kids, your friends, your money, your job, your dreams. Meanwhile, life keeps chugging along with all its responsibilities to your family, community, and career. So, how do you even begin to untangle this mess and figure out where to go from here?

That’s where I come in.

You’ve got to figure out the right moves for you and your family to start the next chapter. Whether your ex is on the same page or has a different agenda, you deserve someone who’s got your back, listens without judgment, offers sound advice, and advocates for what matters most to you.

Agustin Law has the experience, focus, and passion necessary to help you through this trying time. You do not have to do this alone.

Custody & Parenting Time

Co-parenting, it takes two.

Parenting is no easy feat, even when things are smooth sailing. But when you’re doing it from separate households, it can feel like pulling teeth, especially if you and the other parent aren’t on the same page or your kids’ needs aren’t getting the attention they deserve.

Your children deserve the best.

You’re all about making sure your children get the best education, stay healthy, and grow up with strong values. You want them to have a loving, stable, and safe home, day in and day out. How the other parent feels, acts, and makes decisions when it comes to the children can be a game-changer.

Protect their childhood.

Whether your family is going through a divorce, you’re splitting households, or a parent is newly entering the picture, you need an attorney who understands your children’s needs and knows how best to protect them as they continue to grow and thrive.

Agustin Law has the experience, commitment, and empathy necessary to address your custody and parenting time case.

Child Support & Spousal Maintenance

Financial security, for you and your children.

Money worries can keep you tossing and turning at night, especially when you’re facing the prospect of splitting up a household. Now, you’ll have a set of bills to pay, along with your children’s education costs, doctor visits, daycare, and extracurricular activities. How can someone make this work when they haven’t worked in years, or if they took a massive pay cut five years ago so they could raise the kids? Child support is how courts ensure both parents are pitching in for the basics: food, clothes, shelter, and the like for the children. Spousal maintenance is awarded when one spouse can’t meet their needs on their own, and the other spouse has the ability to provide some financial breathing room to the spouse in need.

The answer to all your questions is money.

Some of the most bitter disputes in family law stem from child support and spousal maintenance. As the romantic relationship fades, your ex may no longer see you as someone worth helping financially. They may think each of you should be separately responsible for providing for the kids, without contribution from the other parent, even though they may make twice as much money as you. They may hide their money, claim business is bad, or deliberately tank their career to get out of any obligation to you or your children. Or the spouse asking for financial support may be inflating their need or diminishing their ability to earn money themselves.

Financial cases require focus.

Agustin Law has the experience and focus to address the sticky child support and spousal maintenance issues you may have.

Domestic Abuse

No one deserves abuse.

The decision to seek legal help as a domestic violence victim takes courage. You may feel alone. You may feel embarrassed or ashamed that you are even in this position. Know that you are not alone and you deserve to feel safe.

1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have experienced some form of physical violence by an intimate partner.

You deserve protection from abuse.

The path to protecting yourself from further abuse can be overwhelming. In domestic abuse cases, Agustin Law is ready to help you find the safety and security you and your family need.

Post-Decree Modification

“Change is the only constant in life.” – Heraclitus

Life continues after you’ve divorced and/or established custody, parenting time, and financial obligations like child support or spousal maintenance. You could switch jobs, meaning less income and a different work schedule. Your kids’ needs may evolve. Their school is no longer the right fit. They need therapy. They want to spend more time with one parent over the other.

Be ready for change.

When your life goes through changes that affect custody, parenting time, child support, and/or spousal maintenance arrangements, you need an attorney who can listen, assess, and execute a plan to adapt to those changes.

Agustin Law has the breadth of experience necessary to address those changes through mediation, direct negotiations, or in the court system.

Grandparent Visitation

Stay connected to family.

The bond between grandparents and their grandchildren is special and should be cherished. When considering a grandparent’s access to a grandchild, it is essential to prioritize that grandchild’s best interests and ensure that the relationship between parent and child is respected. When there is conflict between the grandparent and the parent about access to the grandchildren, grandparents can seek relief from the Court.

Temporary & Emergency Motions

Relief when you need it.

In the middle of divorce case that can take a year to resolve, some issues need immediate court attention, including temporary custody, parenting time, child support, spousal maintenance, attorney’s fees, and use of the marital home. An attorney can assist in seeking temporary relief through direct negotiations, mediation, or filing a motion with the Court. When the safety of a child or a party is at stake, a party can seek immediately relief from the Court.

Given the stakes, it is crucial to seek legal advice and support to navigate temporary and emergency relief proceedings effectively.

Family Law Agreements

Recognizing a better way.

Sometimes, parents or soon-to-be ex-spouses recognize their situation and can have a hard conversation about how their lives will change. While they have the capacity to reach agreements on a variety of issues, there may be some anxiety around drafting a final document that lays everything out clearly for the parties and the Court. In these situations, Agustin Law can help prepare an order to meet the personal and customized needs of families that are ready to move on to the next chapter of their lives.